The most important game bugfix ever!

Improved cost communication for cup of Coffee.

—Shadowrun Returns, patch 1.2.6 (Yes, Dragonfall has a mission about coffee.)

14 April 2014: Cicada

14 April 2014: Cicada

The first cicada
sings to summer

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Farscape: Back and Back and Back to the Future

Hah, just saw this episode. It also has the great scene:

"What’s wrong with him?"

"(Shrug) He’s Crichton."




I’ve drawn a few creepy twisty Odos before, but I really wanted to explore what it might’ve been like in the show aand I wanted to draw more Odo being twisty. So this little comic sprung out of that!

This was a fun exercise and I learned a lot while putting it together. Like how much I love drawing Quark.

I love this for a lot of reasons but most of all for

1. odo being explicitly terrifying in the way that was mostly only ever implicit on the show, and

2. the moment in there where Odo delivers his standby line to Quark, “you’re capable of anything”, *as he horrifyingly twists himself into any shape he desires*

which is perfect because it would never occur to odo to see things any way other than that, which is just a perfect illustration of the inherent contradiction of the changelings being creatures of chaos with an innate craving for and devotion to order

Reblogging for fandom relevance…

Conundrum (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

It’s all fun and games until Worf takes command, then it’s a setup for an epic Worf denied.

Mostly though it’s a setup for a comic moment around Riker’s womanizing.

And one of those episodes where the existence of family on the Enterprise is conveniently forgotten, because that would be really creepy.

How Frozen Should Have Ended (by How It Should Have Ended)

erasure i love to hate you (by Jorge Rojas)

Blondie | The Tide Is High (Official Video) (Original Version) (by Sam Muir)

Suddenly! Darth Vader!